Research Pulse Summary on Artificial Intelligence
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Research Summary: Artificial Intelligence

The below summary references papers relating to the query “AI” found between 22 January and 29 January 2024, published in arXiv.


Generative Artificial Intelligence and Creative Applications

Large Models and Multimodal AI Systems

AI Ethics, Fairness, and Social Impact

AI in Education and Learning

Medical AI and Multimodal Data Analysis

AI in Information Retrieval and Document Processing

AI Perception and Environmental Interaction

Explainable AI (XAI)

AI in Public Sector and Commercial Applications

Behavioural Modelling and AI Interventions

Human-AI Collaboration and Decision-Making

AI in Gaming and Embodied Agents

AI and Children’s Technologies

AI Philosophy and Ethical Considerations

AI Hardware and Infrastructure

AI in IoT and Adaptive Agents

AI Security and Content Detection

AI in Dermatology and Idea Generation


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