The Year of AI: 2023
Christopher Corbett, Nick Morley and Mark Rogers

With 2024 now well under way, we feel it’s a great time to review the advancements, debates, regulations, and milestones that shaped the landscape of AI in 2023. From groundbreaking innovations to regulatory leaps, here’s a month-by-month summary of pivotal moments that defined the year of AI.













2023 was definitely the year of AI. From technological breakthroughs to ethical considerations and regulatory advancements, we’ve seen so much occur over these last 12 months.

But where do we go from here? What does 2024 hold for AI? We have some predictions, but as they are predictions, please take them with a grain of salt.

Our Predictions for 2024

We anticipate that 2024 will serve as a pivotal year for AI advancements, focusing prominently on practical implementation. A significant part of this will involve attention to policy and regulation, particularly in response to EU legislation combatting copyright infringement and governmental concerns surrounding defense.

In both industry and academia, we predict a sustained emphasis on reinforcing sequence modeling across diverse domains, including language, code, audio, visual, and genomics. The primary outcomes of these ventures are poised to materialize in heightened efficiency and cost reduction. Notably, we foresee the emergence of more open-source multi-modal models. While these models may not surpass the overall capabilities of GPT-4, they are expected to assert their prowess based on benchmarks that may not fully represent their capabilities.

We also anticipate significant enhancements in running and training open-source models, potentially creating a growing appeal for entities to train and host their own models. It’s also worth noting that bespoke models are predicted to outperform GPT-4 in specific tasks that hold particular significance for individual users.

Furthermore, we anticipate a persistent integration of generative AI features into existing products and platforms. This integration will unfold gradually, reflecting the slow wave of implementation and adoption. As the AI landscape evolves, we foresee 2024 as a dynamic period marked by a concentrated focus on translating theoretical advancements into practical applications and fostering a more robust and diverse AI ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

We’re very aware we may have missed some crucial stories that shaped the year of AI. Your insights matter! Share any we may have overlooked.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re eager to hear your thoughts. Do our predictions resonate with you? Do you have unique insights into the evolving AI landscape? The conversation continues, and your perspective is a vital part of shaping the narrative for the next chapter in AI innovation.

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