Practical AI: case studies (Event)
Mark Rogers

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How do I deploy AI safely, quickly and legally in real world environments? - Case studies from MLOps More than 50% of companies recently told Deloitte they planned to deploy AI in core business functions. For those who have already started, the challenges are clear:

Led by Cambridge’s Grounded AI, we decided to bring together best-in-class practitioners to address the common issues that we’re all facing. The focus is on machine learning operation (MLOps) and our agenda is “Practical AI: How do I deploy AI safely, quickly and legally in real world environments” The event is at the Bradfield Centre, Cambridge at 6pm on Tuesday 23rd January. The sponsor is Cambridge Innovation Capital. There will be a chance to join the event online.

Speakers are:

Nick Morley

Co-Founder of Grounded AI, specializing in AI enablement, data transformation, model training, rapid prototyping, and business development.

Alex Housley

of Seldon.io, specializes in MLOps, machine learning, and AI, with a focus on democratizing ML operations.

Catherine Breslin

AI expert, founded Kingfisher Labs, roles in AI leadership, voice/language technology, and AI team development.

Tim Gordon

principal at Best Practice AI, will be delving into the corporate and regulatory concerns surrounding MLOps;

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