Our Team

Joe Shockman

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Formerly with Google and YouTube, Joe has successfully led multiple ventures, including Startup DevOps. A visionary leader with a background in philosophy and computer science, Joe brings a unique perspective to driving innovation and excellence in AI-driven tools and services.


Konrad Rzezniczak

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Pioneering engineer with a strong background in machine learning and big data pipelines. Previously founding engineer of tCell where he drove technical execution to a successful acquisition by Rapid7. Konrad is leveraging AI to create innovative solutions and seamless human/AI collaboration.


Nick Morley

Chief Product Officer, Co-founder

Previously director of technology and innovation at Instem, Nick has a strong track record bringing tech-enabled services to the pharmaceutical industry. Neuroscientist by training and technologist by trade, Nick is applying his scientific and technical expertise to drive innovation in AI-driven solutions.


Mark Rogers

Director of Business Development

Experienced product executive specialising in AI/ML, brings a wealth of experience from Amazon, BBC, and Oracle. As a serial entrepreneur, Mark has successfully built and exited companies in the data analytics space. Mark is leveraging his deep expertise in product development and strategy to drive growth.


Matteus Klich

Lead Software Engineer

Seasoned engineer and problem solver with a Master's degree in Computer Science and successful founding engineer experience. Matteus has a rich history developing scalable web services and implementing machine learning algorithms across various platforms. His expertise ensures that Grounded AI's solutions are robust, scalable, and cutting-edge.


Zach Vohra

Software Engineer & UX/UI Designer

Zach brings a versatile skill set across web development, UX/UI design and project management, built from diverse experience fulfilling both core IT functionality as well as innovation in a variety of industries and domains.