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“The landscape feature gives such a great bird’s eye view of any inquiry”

“It’s helped me find papers I haven’t even heard of, and the ability to lift them directly from the app saves so much time and effort I can aim elsewhere”

“The fact that it can summarise all the key results just blows my mind”

Christine Boyd

PhD candidate, Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin

Streamline Literature Reviews

Literature review is a critical part of the research process, but it's a laborious and manual process. Study Recon is designed to streamline and assist in the search for relevant literature, delivering comprehensive and accurate results in a fraction of the time, helping you achieve high quality literature reviews faster.


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Groundbreaking Landscape Feature

StudyRecon provides you with a bird's eye view of the academic landscape, including related topics and key findings.

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Query Suggestion

Refine the search and avoid missing important literature even when you don't know the right keywords to use.

cross-database search

Cross-Database Search

Get the right coverage by connecting to multiple data sources.

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Keyword Visualisation

Highlight conceptual connections and associations to help you understand the research landscape.

Summarisation and Annotation

StudyRecon summarises and annotates papers into concise reports. Get a brief yet comprehensive understanding of each paper, saving you valuable time and effort.

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