Privacy Policy

Introduction: Your privacy is important to us. We consider ourselves custodians of our customer data. We don’t own it, you do. If you want it deleted we’ll delete it. If there’s an error in it let us know and we’ll fix it. We’ll protect your privacy as vigorously as possible using world-class security (because without security there’s no privacy). We’re on your side.

Scope: Company website(s) and company services (such as Study Recon)

Processing Activities

This Policy applies when you interact with us by doing any of the following:

Make use of our application and services as an authorized user

Visit any of our websites

Personal data we collect:

We collect data necessary to provide our service to you. We offer an information management and processing service so we keep track of who you are in order to validate your identity. For example we collect Account Information such as your name, email address, and password

In addition we ingest the data you provide via your search queries and any data you upload. Sharing and Disclosure

We do not share your Personal Data with third parties except as necessary to provide the specific service we offer or as required by law.

Cookie policy:

We only set cookies when necessary to offer our website to you and monitor usability in order to improve the way we offer our website. We try to make everything work with cookies disabled. Let us know if you find a case where that doesn’t work.

Retention policy:

We are governed by data retention rules in several different localities. We comply with the legal requirements for retention but basically we retain data for the purpose of providing our data to you and as required by law.

Changes to this policy:

From time to time we’ll need to update this policy to comply with any changes in the law or to reflect any changes in the way we provide services. Generally speaking we’re required to review this policy every year and we’ll post an updated policy here if it changes.

Contact us:

Send questions or privacy requests to